wear your style Friday: Continental dress

New York and winter are such an odd combination. Older apartment buildings like ours are notorious for being overheated to the point where we keep the windows partially open on all but the coldest of days. Meanwhile, our studio can be brutally cold, with the wind buffeting us and the heater working as hard as it can to keep up. And we don’t hop in the car when we need to go someplace (we mostly walk or take the subway) so we brave the cold every time we go outside.

The only solution is to wear lots of layers.



The Continental dress works great as a layering piece. I start with a turtleneck or long-sleeved T and tights or skinny pants (my Portfolio pants are perfect for this), then add the Continental dress, followed by an unstructured jacket or cardigan. Add a big necklace and it’s a comfortable, stylish look. You could belt it, but if you’ve made it from a drapey fabric you may not need to; after all, the Continental dress has a bit of shaping that is more flattering than you might initially expect.

This is my Continental dress from last summer. It’s transitioned nicely right through fall and into winter. And I’m not freezing or roasting, which is a big accomplishment in this city.


Nancey Johnson said...

I like the ideas you share for Wear Your Style Fridays…now if I could just find time to sew my style! Thanks for the ideas!!

Chantal said...

Looks great Leisl. I also liked this dress in your photos last summer – looks great layered swell. Fingers crossed we get a similar fabric when you start distributing to Aus. Cant wait!!

Cherie said...

Love this look! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. I know that I need them.