wear your style friday: portfolio pants and spectator shoes

Here is another pair of Portfolio Pants, this time made up in some stretchy fabric I’ve been hanging onto forever. I have no idea where the fabric came from. It has sort of a terrycloth back and a twill face, so the pants look like classic twill pants but are warm and comfortable inside.

This has been my go-to outfit for a while now. It’s easy and comfortable to wear, and I can wear comfortable shoes with it. As with my pink wool pants, I eliminated the button tabs so the pants are very simple. They go with almost anything, including this pair of spectator shoes which I’ve been wearing a lot lately.



Joelle said...

I haven’t made these yet, but this pair makes me want to try that pattern! Cute shoes, too!

jacqueb said...

love this look!

Chris Doane said...

I LOVE this look! Is the pattern for the top yours as well?