obsession: lipstick colors

Okay, since I’m the new girl around here I want to let all of you in on a well-known secret about me. I LOVE color. Admittedly I get bored with my clothes quickly, so I entertain myself  each day and try to find the most inspired combination of colors to put together and attempt to pull it off. (Some days are more successful than others.)

As a new transplant to NYC, the land of black and neutrals, my closetful of colorful clothes makes everyone here look at me as if I am a tourist. But thanks to strong color trends on the fall runways, even New York is showing color some love. Clearly I arrived here just in time!

L'Wrenn Scott Fall 2011 RTW from style.com

Liesl has been talking on the blog about how she’s been so inspired by color for fall. I can’t agree more. One of my favorite fall fashion color trends is what I call lipstick colors. Burgundy, mauve, pink, red, and plums are showing up everywhere. You can mix these hues together for a cool 70’s vibe or pair them with neutrals for a rich, sophisticated look.

For the adventurous, pair them with neon brights. These fabric colors are definitely showing up in my fall sewing to-do list. I’m convinced that burgundy is the color of the moment because it simply looks good with every color from brights to pastels (and how can anything that reminds you of good wine be a bad thing?). And dare I say, that it is a color that looks good on almost everyone. I’m going to sew up a holiday party dress in the yummy Lisette burgundy sateen as a present to myself.

And best of all, I already have the lipstick to match.

Jonathan Saunders Fall 2011 RTW from style.com

Jonathan Saunders Fall 2011 RTW from style.com



Burgundy and mosaic print sateens from Lisette Fall 2011 fabric collection.

Leave a comment letting us know your favorite color trend this season and how you plan to incorporate it into your fall sewing and show us how you add color to your style!


Nicole said...

We are coming into Summer here. I have chosen to lift my standard black/white/taupe wardrobe with a few pieces of zingy apple green. I am lucky enough to have a few pieces of Lisette from the first collection.
I also have more shoes then Imelda did,many in lovely colours-red-pink-aqua.

Thanks for asking!

Cindy said...

I’m loving the deep teal but haven’t put much thought into how I might work it into my wardrobe. I must confess, I’ve been thinking more about how I will add it into my young daughters’ wardrobes!