sew-along B6169 drapey dress, day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the Lisette B6169 drapey dress sew-along. If you’re just joining us, you’ll want to start at Day 1. Today we’ll be finishing the dress front and assembling the dress back. These steps won’t take you very long at all. Ready?

5. GATHER upper edge of front, from neck edge to small circle. (If you look closely you can see my gathering stitches at the shoulder of the center-front piece. I waited to gather them until I pinned the piece to the front yoke in the next step.)




6. Pin two YOKE FRONT (15) sections to front at upper edge, matching small circles. Adjust gathers. Baste. Stitch. Turn seam allowances toward yoke. (Remaining yoke front sections will be used as facing.)





7. STAYSTITCH side back edges of BACK (16) above notches.(My staystitching is in black along the curved section of the piece, shown below.)




8. Stitch SIDE BACK (17) to side back edges of back, clipping back where necessary. (Somehow I forgot to photograph this step and the next! But the illustration is probably more clear anyway.)


back side


9. GATHER upper edge of back between small circles. (Again, I waited to do the gathering until I pinned this to the back yoke in the next step.)


side back gathered10. Pin one YOKE BACK (18) section to back at upper edge, matching notches, centers and small circles. Adjust gathers. Baste. (Remaining yoke back section will be used as facing.)






11. Stitch back to front at shoulders.



And that’s it for today! Easy, right? Tomorrow we’ll sew the sash for View B. If you’re making View A you can sit back and relax.


Robin said...

Hi Liesl! Same FBA as for a princess seam dress?

Liesl Gibson said...

Yes, and apologies for not mentioning the FBA! Standard princess seam alteration, for sure.