wear your style friday: Jessica’s Passport Dress in the Wall Street Journal

We were so excited this week to see the Lisette Passport Dress featured in a Wall Street Journal fashion feature! The piece profiles fashion worn by employees at one of our favorite cultural institutions, the New York Public Library.

As it happens, our friend Jessica is a librarian and an avid sewist. She makes a lot of her own clothing and she’s done some really clever things, including converting Oliver + S patterns to make dresses for herself. I love what she did with the Passport Dress, and how she’s wearing it more like a jumper with a blouse underneath. For this dress Jessica used a sturdy black cotton twill with a subtle silvery grey stripe.



Click through to see the rest of the photos. Everyone looks great, and the men in this crowd really have it going on, don’t they? It’s nice to see that fashion has a place, even in the heady world of the library.


Katia / Crazy for trying said...

Excellent! I too am a librarian (UPenn) and like to break that ‘boring librarian’ mold. And, as it happens, today I’m wearing my Lisette Market Skirt. 🙂

Juliet said...

Love it! That’s pretty awesome that she mentioned the pattern. I will definitely be making something similar for work this fall.

samantha said...

I love to see mention of people making their own clothes in the mainstream media. Yes, we make our own clothes, and no, you wouldn’t necessarily know it if we didn’t tell you. Makes me very proud to be a ‘crafter’.

Angela said...

I love what you did with this dress, now I l know I can pull this kinda idea off for the fall and winter!