silk taffeta Diplomat Dress

This tear sheet has been bouncing around in my design files for a while now, and recently I’ve started thinking about how I might make a similar style using the Diplomat Dress pattern and a soft-colored silk taffeta. Wouldn’t it be beautiful?



This dress is a dove-gray color, and I might look for something similar next time I’m at the fabric store. I plan to play up the seams with heavy top-stitching in a lighter shade. It could make a nice Easter dress, although I’ll certainly wear it for lots of other events as well.

What are your sewing plans for this spring? Are you starting to think about Easter sewing?


the f girl said...

Lovely, the colour as well as the shape. I have had easter dresses on my mind for a couple of days now and you inspire me even more to start looking for a good pattern. I’ve got some sewing to do! 🙂

Melissa said...

I think it’d be amazing in silk taffeta! The Diplomat Dress is one pattern I don’t own yet, but I’ve planned a Spring mix and match wardrobe comprised mostly of Lisette patterns and fabrics in white and peach and aqua and teal… I’m coming to NYC in a couple weeks to sightsee and shop for fabric and notions… and yarn, have to stop by Purl!

angela said...

I think that dress is suuuper cute! I just began sewing again..I took a 10yr break. Kids and life took over! Anyhow I think I’ve bought half of these patters and one for my daughter too. I love the retro yet modern feel to them..I’m at the age where I still want to look cute but not toooo young. These patterns do that for me. And they are easy to sew too!

Hilary said...

Wow, that would be amazing. I ordered this last week and I can’t wait until this pattern arrives. My own plan is to make a yellow version like this one from Anthropologie: