wear the trend: watercolor florals

The watercolor floral is one of my favorite print trends for spring. The look is feminine and sweet, and the colors are both vibrant and soft at the same time. These prints make gorgeous dresses and blouses, as you can see from these tear sheets on my inspiration board.



Here is the Lisette version of the watercolor print, which is available in a warm and a cool version for spring:


Lisette Pink Watercolor Floral


Lisette Blue Watercolor Floral


Both of these prints would be cute for the Passport Dress or the Market Blouse, don’t you think? Maybe even for an Easter dress?


jane o'reilly said...

Hi Liesl – have just discovered your beautiful patterns, and I am wondering if there will be any new ones for spring/summer this year? And if so, when we will be able to see preview pictures?

Todd said...

Jane, we’ll be releasing the new line of spring-summer patterns during the second half of February.

jane o'reilly said...

That’s brilliant, I am looking forward to it. Thank you.

Rhonda said...

If watercolor floral prints are the trend, just where can one find the fabric? They are few and far between; usually when I’ve discovered a fabric I am too late because the fabric is sold out. I don’t like the cheap cottons used for quilts with which to make garments. Who’s producing these prints in practical fabrics?

Liesl said...

Rhonda, the last two images in my post are Lisette watercolor florals, printed on sateen. Jo-Ann stores are carrying both prints. Here is a link to one of them on the Jo-Ann website:


These prints sell out quickly! Grab them while you can–they’re currently on sale, too!