join me in welcoming Tricia Waddell

Over the years I’ve done a few projects with Stitch magazine, including my two recent instructional videos. There are two reasons why it’s always a pleasure to work with Stitch: the quality of the product they produce is always so high, and working with Stitch‘s founding editor Tricia Waddell is always a great experience.

That’s why I’m especially pleased to announce that Tricia has recently joined the growing staff of Liesl and Co., the parent company of the Oliver + S and Lisette brands.

Tricia Waddell

Tricia will be leading development of an exciting new brand which we will launch next year. I also expect that you’ll see her blogging here occasionally and posting  in the Lisette discussion forums as well.

So please join me in giving her a warm welcome. As you get to know her here (if you don’t already), I’m sure you’ll come to like and respect her as much as I do.


Nicole said...

Welcome Tricia!
What a dream job-all the best!

NanouQc said...

Oh, welcome Tricia! I can’t wait to know what this new brand is!

Chantal said...

Welcome Tricia – how exciting. What a formidable team you guys are going to make. Cant wait to hear all about the new innovations for the new brand 😉

Monica Lee said...

Oh! I am a bit late on my welcome-I am do catch up reading…but Welcome and I cannot WAIT to see what you all are launching…very exciting!

lisa shepard stewart said...

Hey Tricia – Welcome to the East Coast! Best wishes in your new situation, looking forward to whatever you’re doing, as always!
See you soon!

Pat said...

I was hoping that your leaving Stitch was for better opportunity. You were actually the only reason that I followed Stitch, and have renewed my interest in sewing. No new, or renewed hobbies for me right now.

Best wishes on the new venture!

DarleneL said...

Hello, I miss you at Sew Daily, but I was happy to find you with Lisette. I look forward to working with your patterns and/or sewing advice that you may give. Congratulations, Welcome, and Best Wishes for Continued Success.