continental blouse with changes

I had some fun messing around with the Continental Blouse pattern the other day. I wanted to make a really casual, relaxed summer blouse and decided to loosen up the pattern a bit for a different look to the pattern.

I used one of the new Little Lisette sateen prints. (I love this one. It’s inspired by Indian block prints and has a playful feel but is certainly sophisticated enough the adults).

These photos were taken by my 6-year-old on our way out to the studio the other day. She’s not a bad photographer, is she?

I’ll give you some details on the changes I made soon so you can make them yourself if you’re interested.


joysho said...

Nice work Liesi!

Michelle said...

love the shirt – would like to know how you altered the pattern too!

shivani said...

love the modification – I’d also love know how you altered the pattern!

Beverly Ann McCall said...

Love your top! Fits you like a glove. Color is great.

Joelle said...

Yes, please! It looks super cute AND comfy!