introducing the passport dress and jacket

Everyone needs a great little jacket. Something that can go to a business meeting just as easily as it can go to dinner. Or to the playground.

Passport Dress and Jacket Sewing PatternIt would be nice if that jacket was fairly easy to make. Not a big time commitment or terribly complicated. No lining so it can be layered easily and can go into the washing machine as needed. And maybe a couple of different collar options to keep things interesting: a band collar and a sweet (but not too sweet) ruffle. A flattering fit: not too boxy but not too fitted. And just the right length so it looks great over a dress, skirt, trousers, or jeans.

OK, now how about a nice, simple dress to go with it? Not a boring dress. Let’s keep it interesting with some diagonal darts at the center front, a gently pleated not-too-full skirt, and a scooped neckline that will show off a beautiful necklace. This dress can be fitted beautifully thanks to a side zipper. (You’ll be surprised. That zipper isn’t as difficult to sew as you might have imagined!) It’s a great summer dress and could also be made in dressy fabrics for special occasions.

We’ve given you all these things in our new Passport Dress and Jacket sewing pattern. Pick your design options, select your fabric, and use it to sew something that fits your personal style.


Nicole said...

I just don’t know what to make first! The jacket in a soft denim would be perfect over my black merino skivvy with cream jeans and my red boots!

Justine said...

Me neither Nicole! What decisions we have to make! (and just think of the fabric!!)

Cindy said...

This is definitely on my to sew list! I’m excited about the jacket and just love the dress.

Karen said...

Can we see more pictures of the dress by itself (no jacket) on the model? I looove this but want to see how it fits on the person, not just the flat illustration.

I think this is my favorite.

Liesl said...

Karen, we’ll have additional photos to show over the next few weeks. Just waiting for a warm, sunny day so we can shoot outside.